IndeaYoga series and sequences

IndeaYoga series and sequences

 Proper sequencing of asanas within a practice session plays an important role in achieving maximum benefit from the session.   IndeaYoga’s Yogacharya Bharath Shetty has designed a number of series and sequences for his students, based on his own personal extensive study and experience with the effects of asana sequences from his own practice and observations from teaching over the last 21 years. Bharath’s intention is for the IndeaYoga series to help students reach below the surface of the skin and muscles and bones of the body and get in touch with the energetic body at a more cellular level, in order to help cultivate and grow a yogic mind.   


Many factors influence the sequencing of asanas: the weather, one’s age, one’s experience, how one is feeling mentally and physically on a certain day.   As such, IndeaYoga has developed a number of sequences to cater for all these circumstances. No one sequence will be appropriate for every person, for every mindset, for every energy level, for every level of experience, for every day. The choice of series depends in part upon the state of mind one is in at a given time.


There are also different types of sequencing:  

  1. sequencing movements within a pose,
  2. sequencing from one pose to another within a family, and
  3. sequencing from one family of poses to another.  

Our INDEA Foundation series includes one famous and ancient vinyasa practiced by all schools of yoga, which is the classical Surya Namaskar or “sun salutation.” We welcome you to come visit us here at IndeaYoga to further explore and optimize your potential and experience of the IndeaYoga series. 



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