IndeaYoga is the yogic system developed and employed by Yogacharya Bharath Shetty at IndeaYoga and Yoga Bharata shalas. It combines Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar styles of yoga and is practiced without the use of props. “Dea” is Sanksrit for ”light”.  The philosophy of the IndeaYoga system is to activate each practitioner’s inner light and enable him/her to lead life mindfully. 




IndeaYoga’s vision is health and bliss for all.   




To teach yoga to all levels, through the coordination of body, breath and mind.


To offer tailor-made yoga practices on the basis of Abhyāsa, Ārogya and Ānanda (practice, health and bliss), catering for specific needs of people of all age groups, considering their present health conditions.


To establish contemporary IndeaYoga Shālas across the globe with well-trained Yoga Shikshakas under the guidance of Yogācharya, Bharath Shetty. The Yogācharya will provide continuous support to all Yoga Shikshakas and IndeaYoga Shālas across the globe, to ensure that their learning, technique and practice is up-to-date, in addition to providing guidance on how to maintain ideal IndeaYoga Shāla ambience.




IndeaYoga will admit all without any discrimination.


IndeaYoga will take a holistic approach in assessing each student and teach a yoga practice that is individually tailored for each student, taking account of any specific conditions.


IndeaYoga will make the practice of Yoga a pleasant experience, emphasizing the motto ‘Nā hathath, nā bhalath’ (no force, no pressure).





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