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‘Credit Points’ programme now becomes effective to Indea Yoga teachers.

The teachers trained in IndeaYoga system at Aananda Yoga India Shala, Mysore would get credit points accredited in their names for every new student they recommend either to  TTC (Teachers Training Course/IMS (Indea Mysore Style) course at Aananda Yoga India Shala.

Credit Points programme will work as follows:


For a Teacher who recommends a ‘new student’ to either TTC or IMS or both, appropriate points will be credited under their name in our records. These points will be accrued for 2 years and will expire at the end of 2 years.


“New student” includes only the first time applicant to either TTC or IMS or both. Any student taking subsequent courses at Aananda Yoga india Shala will not come under the definition of New Student.


Each credit will be active for a period of 2 years from the date of its credit.


Teacher recommending for TTC will be credited with 4000 points and Teacher recommending for IMS will be credited with 1000 points. 1 point = Re.1/-.


The recommending Teacher should ensure that the new student has mentioned Teacher’s name and Diploma number at the time of registration.


These accrued points may be redeemed while attending ‘Refresher Course’ or Indea Mysore Style sessions at Aananda Yoga India Shala. These points cannot be redeemed in cash under any circumstance.



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