Travel checklist

Whether you have been to India before or not, it may be useful to glance over our checklist below before your travels! 


Other than the travel essentials, many of the items can be purchased here locally, however you may wish to buy your favourite brands at home and not have to deal with shopping when you arrive! 


No. Category Item Y/N
1 Essentials Visa – you may need to organise this a couple of weeks in advance of departure date.  
2 Essentials Injections/ vaccinations – visit your doctor c. 2 months in advance to see if you need vaccinations.  Check if you need malaria tablets (For Mysore, some students say their doctors advised the didn’t require – but if you are travelling elsewhere you may).  
3 Essentials Passport  
4 Essentials Airline ticket & airport pick up / or bus/ train ticket.  
5 Essentials Multiple copies of passport ID and visa pages for yoga registration, sim card application, accommodation etc.  Also useful to scan a copy of these pages to your email ID in case they are lost/ stolen whilst traveling.  
6 Other Torch for blackouts  
7 Other Guide book   
8 Other  Ear plugs – India can be quite noisy!  
9 Other  Alarm – on phone or other – but needed for the early starts at IndeaYoga  
10 Other  Small back pack for carrying notepad/ manual/ pen/ water bottle etc. to class  
11  Other  Notepad and pen for teacher training.  
12  Other  Adaptor for electronic appliances   
13  Other  Laptop – optional although advisable to pack for Level 2 TTC to complete your presentation. There are cyber cafes here but it is useful to have your own, most accommodations and cafes have wifi.    
14  Other  Sheet bag for accommodation/ ashram stays   
15  Other  Travel towel   
16  Other  Tin/ BHP free plastic water bottle   
17 Other  Remember to unlock your phone before you leave in case you wish to get an Indian sim while you are here.    
18  Medication Don’t forget to pack any essential medication.  In addition you may wish to pack some anti-nausea, anti-diarrhoea tablets, rehydration sachets (dioralyte, gastrolyte etc), anti-inflammatory tablets, mosquito repellent, anti-bacterial creams, hand sanitiser etc.   
19 Other  Pack a loo roll in your hand bag – usually not available in most public places.. but available to purchase in shops of course!    
20 Female  This is more for peace of mind.. as a female student writing this.. I carry a pepper spray.. but in the 9 months I’ve been here I have never had to use it. One can never be too careful – whilst Gokulam is safe, travelling / walking on any street at 4/5am when dark it is usually wise to be on your guard.. having a flashlight/ torch/ and you may wish also to carry pepper spray. Doing her bit for the yoga community, Anu of Anu’s cafe also has some spare pepper sprays to offer yoga students.    
21 Clothing Clothes for asana practice – wear comfortable clothes.    
22  Female

Guidelines for clothing outside the shala for females: 

Remember to cover your shoulders, and buttocks .. long tops, kaftans over leggings, harem pants.. a couple of nice shops here to stock up if needs be, maxi dresses, pashminas/ shawls always handy, and one sweater should be packed as it is usually quite chilly in the morning in Oct – Feb. 

23  Other Small lock for your belongings  
24  Other  Sunscreen – some available here to buy – but the well known brands are hard to find, so if you have brands that you are used to – may be wise to pack some to take with you.  
25  Other  If you would like to pack a sunhat, sunnies and swimwear, also may come in handy.  There are some nice pools here in Mysore that you may like to visit on a sunny day!   
26  Other  Foot brush/ scrub – your feet get filthy here! Althernativly easy to buy here locally.    
27  Female  Tampax tampons for girls – not easy to come by here in Mysore!  
28  Other  Don’t forget all chargers etc. for your electronic devices!    
29 Yoga  Yoga mat – although you can buy here too. Some nice yoga shops in Gokulam sell yoga bags, and cotton mats etc.    
30  Accommodation  Don’t forget to book some accommodation in advance! Accommodations  
31 Other info Please take a look at our Student’s Guide to Gokulam before you travel! Exciting and fun filled times in store! 🙂  



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