Moss Lee
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Name:- Moss Lee

I recently completed the 250hr TTC with Barath.  It was better than I imagined, I learned so much and feel really well equipped with the right experience and knowledge to share this powerful system with others.  I felt like I was studying with a true yogi, who taught from his own hard earned experience.

His corrections were gentle and effortless and yet meaningful, his answers to our questions were insightful and enlightening, and his presence inspired the best in all the students, including myself.  It wasn't easy, I went through a lot of difficulties--emotional, physical, mental--but in the end all of the challenges became blessings in disguise, inspiring me to take my practice and yogic journey to another level.  Thank you so much Barath and the entire Yoga India Team who made it all possible and real.  I certainly look forward to studying more and continuing along this path and sharing it with others.

Blessings and Namaste,  Moss



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