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Hi Bharat and the Yoga India team,


I just wanted to write to you and tell that i planned and taught my first lesson of yoga today, as a paid teacher, in Cambodia. I have been working hard since i left you at the end of Feb 2012 (teachers class number 29), studying and practicing most days, and now i am starting to slowly seeing the investment that i have put into myself and yoga teaching. An example of this is when i taught the class today it was FUN!! I could hardly believe it


I am so grateful that i came to your school and spent the intensive month with you. You gave me a great foundation to start my own journey and i can't wait to come back for the advanced course sometime in 2013/14.


Shanti, Shanti, Shanti,

Elizabeth Anderson
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I feel it is a privilege to study and practice with Bharath.


I did TTC level 1 in 2009 and level 2 in 2011. Bharath has clearly a deep understanding of the body andits potential through the Asana and Pranayama practice. In each session there is care of correct alignment which importantly prevents injuries and also correct breathing, harmonizing thus body, mind and breath.


From the training one can gain a clear knowledge of some very important aspects of teaching yoga, all of this coming from the years of experience of Bharath not only as a teacher but also as a practitioner.


Shortly after the first training I strarted teaching groups in India and noticed the effectiveness of the tools shared in our course in Mysore, putting into practice what was learned through my own body.


Recently I came back to Mysore for the Level 2 course. Im absolutely grateful for the refreshening and strong practice, absolutely enjoyable. It has definetely taken my practice to a deeper level.


I now live and teach yoga in Moscow, and in each class, the gift received in Mysore is appreciated.


Thank you always

Gyan Jorge
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Once I was back , the first couple of days my head was constantly in the Shala .. Could not stop thinking abt all That we used to do :) my self practice has been going good :) I have managed to make 2 hours a day to practice .. I have even been able to get into the full headstand by myself :) I am very glad for the knowledge tht you passed onto us :) thank you .


I also have a small group of people willing to learn yoga from me :) so will keep u updated on how thatgoes. I also got a job offer to teach at Pradeep Gowda s studio .. I refused a full time job but agreed to teach as a freelancer at the studio.


He is also very keen on getting you to his studio and wants to meet with you . Will discuss that when you are back.


I had a great time at the TTC .. I have come back as a changed person..in many subtle aspects .. So far I am liking the changes.. :) I thank you and your whole team for all that we receieved ..for the first time the impact of what i learnt was felt on a deeper level..I wish I could write to u abt all the changes, observations and lessons I learnt in the past month and am still learning but this mail is already long :) I will see u in Mysore sometime when you are back .


Once again, thank you for everything. It is teachers like you that make learning an enriching experience. Looking forward to being your student again.


Much gratitude

Arundhati Baitmangalkar
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The Yoga Teacher Training course gave me everything I had hoped for and so much more! Not only am I more strong and flexible than ever before but I have received the knowledge to continue pushing myself and progressing in every direction.


The whole experience was a pleasure, working so intensively with a group gives the shared energy that is not possible to get with a course where people are constantly changing. The support of everyone was great, a real help while trying to something that is far from easy.


I feel privileged to have received all that I have from this course and I really look forward to being able to share it with other in future.


Claire Butters
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Bharath really is an inspiring teacher, when I first came to him, I had done some yoga, but learning with him was, in the beginning more a process of unlearning what I already knew. He takes you right back to the beginning and allows you to understand and really get to know each posture, as it is, he is gentle, but firm and a wonderful teacher.


What always astounded me about Bharath was his intimate understanding of the body, he seems to just get how all the pieces fit together and can adjust any pose or programme to suit your needs and your body. I have spent about 8 months with Bharath in total and I have noticed with all the people that come and go (but more often than not come back again and again or just stay!) that he always seems to end up picking up the pieces of the injuries people have sustained elsewhere, he tackles each case individually, and I cannot tell you how many people have healed themselves through Bharath's practice. Yoga is rife with tales of injuries but I have never seen anyone hurt themselves even mildly, let alone sustain an injury under his watchful supervision.


I was so inspired by Bharath's style that i decided to come back in 2008 for the teacher training, it was an extremely difficult but infinitely rewarding process, the early mornings were horrible! But the level of teaching and information we received was great. I was able to create a strong, solid foundation that has carried me forward to a successful teaching career in London. The process of yoga is never complete, but I believe that a strong base is essential in developing along the path in the right way, the way we are supposed to. Bharath really allowed me to create this base for myself and as both a student and a teacher this is invaluable.


I think Yoga India's strength lies in what it can do for people of all levels; for beginners it really is the best system I have come across to date but for more advanced practitioners it can really open your eyes to the infinite possibilities of asana...for some people it can be easy to find your 'cheat' in yoga, to find that place where you can complete an asana with the least possible effort, but with Bharath there is no cheating! He is aware of everything, every breath, every movement, and his manner and obvious integrity demand that you give your absolute best all of the time. He makes the 'easiest' postures seem like hard work, but somehow makes the hardest ones seem easy!


I came to Bharath as a near beginner and I have progressed into a deep, intense and flowing practice, my daily practice keeps me stable, grounded, clear headed and happy. It has changed my life in so many ways and so far every single change has been positive. Learning yoga has not only allowed me to become a better person it has also helped me to become a better learner, I am more adventurous, more successful in the new things that I try and much, much happier. I could not have had a better teacher along the way than Bharath; he has been supportive, helpful, sharing and kind. Even when I have found the practice difficult, for example during the Teacher Training when I was tired (and hungry!), he always has a way of reassuring me in a way that instantly makes everything seem ok again.

Mariza Smith
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Yoga India is a fantastic mix of ancient yoga put into the context of our modern lives. I heard that this Shala had a fantastic reputation, is rated as one of the top yoga institutions in India and is focused on developing high calibre of teachers and that is why I chose to come here. My experience at this school was beyond my wildest expectations. Bharath Shetty and his team are passionate about sending well equipped teachers out into the world because they believe in high standards. The course is so well structured that by the end of it you have amongst many aspects a thorough knowledge of philosophy, asana, physiology, meditation and pranayama.  Your days are filled with yoga teaching and you climb into bed after the evening mantras and mediation satisfied that not an hour was wasted in Mysore. Yoga India's aim is to develop teachers of exceptional quality and I do believe that this institution is quickly becoming one of the leaders of yoga development in this era.

Duncan Rice
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Certainly more than what I had expected. Great learning and great experience. Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of this program. Has made my yoga journey more enlightening and meaningful. Namaste!

Pasree Lee
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I came to Mysore and to Yoga India not knowing what to expect!   I had some knowledge on yoga and practice for a little while but, my journey here open my mind, my heart and made my body do asanas that I only couldn't believe I could do!  I learn from the most amazing teacher which only have our best interest at heart !

My time here was only the beginning of what I hope will be a long and beautiful journey, thanks to Bharat Shetty and all his support team!

Sylvana Gelinas
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My experience at Yoga Indea was sensational. I knew from the moment I stepped in the Shala that I had made the rite decision. I feel my skill, knowledge and confidence have grown tremendously under the guidance of Bharath and all the staff at Yoga Indea.  My passion for yoga has been pushed to new heights and I'm already looking forward to returning to compete the next level in the not to distant future. Namaste :)

Ian Revins
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I am Manjusha from Hyderabad, India. I registered for 500 hours. Its a fantastic course. I did learn few balancing asanas which is a great achievement for me. Thanks a ton for your support Bharath sir. I am feeling blessed!...

Manjusha Nadella
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I really loved the teacher training with Bharath! He's an excellent teacher, and I feel like I got all the tools that I need to start my journey as a teacher! Highly recommended!

Gerald Zollner
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The TTC Level 1 course with Bharath Shetty was an awesome experience for me. If you are really thinking about becoming a yoga teacher then Aananda Yoga India is the best place to start with. You learn the technique of asanas so well and so preciced that you feel more confident about your practice and get more awareness of your body. Also, the focus on starting to teach right away is great, what a better way to learn than 'jumping into the cold water' ;). I'm looking forward to Level 2 and learn more from Bharath. He is a wonderful, experienced and inspiring teacher. Thank you for everything!

Natalie Noll
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I strongly recommend it, It has been much more better than what I could expect! I love the way of teaching of the school and teachers!

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I feel like I hit the jackpot in choosing a Guruji with the skills and experience such as Bharath Shetty. In spite of his extremely refined techniques and achievements,he remains humble.No question directed towards him were unanswered. The course has given me the confidence to teach and to self-practice.It was worth every penny because Bharathji teaches from the heart.


I will miss you!

Sharlet Edwards
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Namaskar Everyone ,


I was waiting for that moment .... Wow , 2 months have gone .

First I would like to say that before to start the course , I actually thought I was going to do something really formal : pay my course , learn asanas , learn about the yoga history , get my certificate ,, and bye bye ,, go home ...


Something totally normal ...


Well , it didn't really happen this way . I arrive in Mysore , beginning of February , without even knowing India , with lots of expectations ....


The first days , I would be just discovering the beauty of Gokulam , the kindness of Rashmi and Krishna , the simpleness of the shala .....


And then , Barath ....


At the first minute I understood that I wasn't in some " regular " TTC . I could feel the energy , the commitment , the passion in the Guru's eyes . I almost could feel shame of myself for having such simple expectation .


The Training start ... I would like to say , that I get consistently trained on my practice but also on myself . Believe it or not , but everyday , i was learning more about myself that in 25 years !


Yes , it is challenging but the course is designed in such way that you will just become a new person after it . Yes , the asanas, yes the philosophy , yes , the teacher's training ... But BIG yes , the Guruji's training.


The 2nd month was even better . I highly recommend to do it straight after the 1rst one ,, as your body is warmed up and your mind also . Craving for more ! More knowledge , more , more, more ...


Yes , it is challenging , yes everyday , you will think that the TTC is not for you , but Guruji's will demonstrate you everyday that you are not winning just a TTC certificate , you are proving to the universe that Yoga is the key to many problems , because it s a way of living , a philosophy . And when it is taught by the right person , it is like being in the right place at the right moment . You feel like the universe was waiting for you .


I hope my testimonial helped . And if you feel that connection , well , you know what to do then ....




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I will never forget the dedication and heart full teachings of Yoga India. I loved every minute of being there for the course and I would recommend the course to anyone. Guruji really nurtures and respects your level where ever it may be and you learn and grow at your own pace. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing the meaning of yoga for me. I have so much wisdom and so many takeaways that already this has been an amazing experience. I look forward to coming back again and again.

Sabina Mykas
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To me, Bharath has found an amazing way of communication knowledge and wisdom in equal amounts, shining light with lightness and being firm with kindness.


The Yoga Indea team, including Archana, are an amazing welcoming team with the intention of supporting you along the way.


Highly recommended courses for teachers as well as practitioners.

Bente Groenendaal
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I recently completed the 250hr TTC with Barath.  It was better than I imagined, I learned so much and feel really well equipped with the right experience and knowledge to share this powerful system with others.  I felt like I was studying with a true yogi, who taught from his own hard earned experience.

His corrections were gentle and effortless and yet meaningful, his answers to our questions were insightful and enlightening, and his presence inspired the best in all the students, including myself.  It wasn't easy, I went through a lot of difficulties--emotional, physical, mental--but in the end all of the challenges became blessings in disguise, inspiring me to take my practice and yogic journey to another level.  Thank you so much Barath and the entire Yoga India Team who made it all possible and real.  I certainly look forward to studying more and continuing along this path and sharing it with others.

Blessings and Namaste,  Moss

Moss Lee
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Never before have I been so inspired by a teacher and practitioner of yoga. Bharath's commitment to his students coupled with his devotion to yoga makes it an honor to learn from him. I have been challenged, both physically and mentally, which has been a true gift. I shall leave this training, not only a more confident teacher with a far deeper practice, but as a more well-rounded, centered human being. For that, I will always be grateful. Thank you Bharath for everything.    

Jessica Dewar

Jessica Dewar
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Holistically designed and innovatively approached program with emphasis on asana practice and finding stillness within. Bharat sir is sincere and inspiring in every moment. I feel privileged to have an opportunity to learn from him.

Meet Sidhu
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I wanted to write a quick email and express my gratitude and respect for the quality of the experience I had at Indea Yoga.  I am new to yoga, and I was in India because my girlfriend Julie was to take a class in Mysore.  I decided to also take classes while I was there, and signed up for Indea Mysore Style, two classes a day for two weeks under Bharath Shetty.  I received superior individual attention, and made significant progress during my two weeks at the studio.  These two weeks left me wishing I had dedicated more time to studying at the studio.  While Barath was incredibly helpful in helping me, a beginner, to establish a sound foundation, he also helped my girlfriend, Julie, an experienced yogi to further advance her practice and gain a deeper understanding. I truly appreciate the experience and wish you all the best.
Joshua Napier



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